BPlus has a software factory structure that meets the concept of "code factory", it's worth pointing out that the vision functioning of the software factory isn't similar to an industry assembly line in series, with repetitive work, the intended use of the term "factory" is to refer to the idea of organization, control of processes, methodology, quality and State-of-the-art technology.

The goal of the factory is to produce software to meet the needs of the client under functional aspects and quality, respecting their culture and features relevant to their business and market segment, meeting deadlines and achieve the client's investment for the improvement of their business with a guarantee of satisfaction.

For it, BPlus utilize an optimized structure for application development, mounted under methodologies concepts, governance and audit controls that ensure the best cost-benefit for both maintenance of legacy systems and the development of new projects, giving priority to quality and respect of delivery time.

How to use the Software Factory

Our software factory framework can serve you in several levels of interaction, where our "Factory Team" being outside of your own company:

  • From a specification by an analyst of your company, we have carried out the encoding and return the artifact developed and tested ready for approval and future deployment in production.
  • Or from a use case we carry out the development process of developing remotely.
  • Or through access to your system and documentation, we can make an technological upgrade.
  • Or from the structuring of a project we can make the development of a new application or system.
  • Or perform maintenance, being them corrective, adaptive, preventive and perfective, in your systems relieving the load on your IT infrastructure.


  • InterSystems - IRIS
  • InterSystems - Caché
  • InterSystems – Ensemble
  • InterSystems - DeepSee, iKnow, Zen, Zen Mojo
  • Google - Golang
  • Angular

Model to use Software Factory Services