By characteristic of the modern times, the market require from companies a constantly technological update, where, to stay competitive, often needs to stay alert with the market requests, this brings up a problem not only for businesses consumers of computer solutions, but also to many software development companies, as they will always be updating their systems in current technologies.

For those who need to be focused in business rule for corrective maintenance or system evolution, often can't invest the time or resources to study and test the new technologies, because in the IT world, where today is the forefront technology, in a few months it may be obsolete.

Typically, companies stay with their outdated systems for long periods of time, losing not only a competitive advantage over their competitors, as well as agility in their internal processes, or even losing quality and productivity of its employees, and when they decide to modernize their systems, the technological leap is so large that it is discovered that the needed effort is way too great for the staff to update or even a big shock can occur in the user routine, which creates a severe deployment stress.

This is where BPlus is positioned, being a solution provider for the systems modernization, where the mission is to search, study and test new technologies, noting not only trends, but also the feasibility of their application within the context of their clients. With that, the IT staffs from the consumer companies that use our services, can direct their energy to the improvement of their systems, focused on the rules of the business, staying with BPlus, the responsibility for the upgrade of knowledge.

BPlus' methods for Systems Modernization


The customer's IT staff is trained for self developing the modernization project.

  • Customer team-development of the project.
  • Customer team training.
  • Guidance.
  • Support during development.
  • The speed of execution of the work will depend on the ability of the team to reduce the time of the learning curve, and the team able to share their time with eventual maintenance in legacy production systems.
  • Application Knowledge maintained by the client.


The customer's IT staff is trained, and the modernization project is developed together with the customer and team BPlus.

  • Mixed team (Customer and BPlus) - development of the project.
  • Services performed by BPlus with the client's accompanying or coparticipation.
  • Team training.
  • Guidance.
  • Support.
  • After the modernization the customer's technical staff is able to keep their systems.
  • This way of working increases the speed of completion of the project in relation to simple training customer team.
  • Knowledge of the application is maintained by the client.


The modernization is performed by the software factory of BPlus and by the training ending, the technology knowledge is passed to the customer's IT staff, so it will have conditions to maintain the modernized systems.

Development Workshop

After a customized training to the client reality and focused on their business, is elected a small application to be developed in conjunction with BPlus team, this will put into practice the concepts passed on training and will leave a template for the customer IT staff, being additive that speeds up to normal training results reducing the learning curve with the practice and the model will be for guidance of the development team.