InterSystems HealthShare® is a set of solutions that work together to capture information, share it meaningfully, aid understanding, and drive transformative actions among organizations and communities.

The power of HealthShare includes:

  • Complete Integration: Combines care records, medical data, and clinical research into a single unified view.
  • Powerful Analysis: Offers actionable insights from various data sources for more informed treatments.
  • Interoperability: Creates a connected health ecosystem, allowing effective communication between different systems.
  • Robust Security: Ensures patient data remains secure, complying with all regulatory standards.
  • Cloud Features: Allows for flexible and scalable operation, adapting to the needs of any healthcare provider.

In partnership with InterSystems HealthShare®, BPlus ensures healthcare organizations have a robust, scalable, and secure platform. This joint commitment brings unprecedented advancements in the domain of digital health.

Through our commercial department, you can obtain price quotations and specific integration solutions for your business. BPlus is a commercial partner of InterSystems®, a global leader in healthcare interoperability solutions.