Application modernization

Due to the characteristics of modern times, the market imposes on companies a frequent need for technological updates. To remain competitive, they must constantly keep up with the current model. This presents a challenge not only for companies that consume computerized solutions but also for many software development companies, as they always have to update their applications with current technologies.

Modernização Software BPLUS

For those who need to focus on business rules for corrective or evolutionary system maintenance, they often can't invest time or resources to study and test new technologies. In the IT world, what is cutting-edge today can be obsolete in a few months.

As a result, many companies keep their applications outdated, sometimes for a very long time, losing not only competitive advantage over their competitors but also agility in their internal processes and productivity from their employees. And when they decide to update their applications, the technological leap is so vast that they face an immense effort from IT staff to get updated. This can cause a significant shock in user routine, leading to significant stress during implementation.

It is against this backdrop that BPlus positions itself in the IT market, offering solutions for application modernization. Our mission is to search, study, and test new technologies, looking not just at trends but also at their viability within our clients' contexts. In this way, both the IT teams of consumer companies and software development companies that use our services can focus on improving their applications, leaving BPlus responsible for the knowledge transfer for modernization.

BPlus's approaches to application modernization


The client's IT team is trained to develop the modernization project on its own.

  • Client's team - project development.
  • Training of the client's team.
  • Guidance.
  • Support during development.
  • The speed of task execution will depend on the team's ability to shorten the learning curve's time and manage their time with occasional maintenance on legacy systems in production.
  • Application knowledge retained by the client.


The client's IT team is trained, and the modernization project is jointly developed by the client's team and BPlus.

  • Mixed team (client and BPlus) - project development.
  • Services performed by BPlus with client oversight or co-participation.
  • Team training.
  • Guidance.
  • Support.
  • After modernization, the client's technical team will be able to maintain their applications.
  • This method speeds up project completion compared to just training the client's team.
  • Application knowledge is retained by the client.


Modernization is carried out by BPlus Tecnologia's software factory. At the end, the technology knowledge is transferred to the client's IT team, allowing them to maintain the modernized applications.


After customized training tailored to the client's reality and focused on their business, a small application is chosen to be developed jointly with a BPlus consultant. This puts into practice the concepts learned in training and leaves a model for the client's IT team, accelerating the training outcome and reducing the learning curve through practice and the model that will serve as guidance for the development team.