IRIS is a data platform that makes it easier to build high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.

The IRIS® platform also offers flexible development tools and support for multiple programming languages. Additionally, the platform can be integrated with other analysis and artificial intelligence tools. Compatibility with existing applications makes migration to this platform a viable and easy-to-manage option.

BPlus, as a certified commercial partner of InterSystems, is a company that offers integration services for environments and systems. If you have specific integration needs, the commercial department of BPlus can provide a personalized quote according to your needs.

In summary, the InterSystems IRIS®platform is a complete solution for companies that deal with large data volumes and require scalability and high processing speed. The flexibility and development tools offered make this platform a viable option for various business needs.

Through our commercial department, you can get a personalized quote for integration of environments and systems tailored to your business needs, as BPlus is a commercial partner of Intersystems, a North American company that produces the perfect platform for fast connectivity and for the development of new connectable applications.