In year 2003, BPlus Tecnologia Ltda was founded from the experience of business partners that operate and monitor the IT market since the early 80’s. We are part of a company whose mission is to seek, master and transfer knowledge of new technologies, products or processes that provide competitive impact and add value to customers' business.

Initially orbiting the InterSystems® universe, BPlus started to offer for the corporate market consulting services for technological evolution monitoring of companies, application modernization, migration and integration of databases, technical support and training because from the beginning of its activities is responsible for the execution of InterSystems official trainings given in Brazil and for the development and maintenance of supporting materials for them.

Meeting the demands imposed by the IT Market where companies need to offer for external and internal customers faster and more efficient response to development requests, corrections and adaptions of systems and applications without the burden of keeping and managing large specialized personnel structures in IT, BPlus set out to develop a structure devoted to the concept of software factory, offering development services, maintenance and continuous technological evolution, attending remotely from their facilities, with proven effectiveness and excellent response time indices, assertiveness and low rework.

The reason for this outstanding performance is the successful application of our proprietary methodology and dedicated oversight of the software factory process, along with the use of governance, versioning, and deployment systems.

Initially, the software factory structure was established to cater specifically to system demands using technologies of InterSystems® (COS, ZEN, and CSP), it later expanded to operate with cores in the technologies of Oracle (PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports), Microsoft .NET, InterSystems® (Ensemble and Analytics, DeepSee), and progressing to InterSystems® IRIS and HealthShare.

As part of an ongoing process of maturity, BPlus works focused on the improvement of internal processes, constant research, training and technological updating of its professionals, remaining aligned to the dynamic evolution of the virtual universe, always seeking to meet the growing competitive market needs.